Dear Mayor ,

I'm very disappointed that the County of ___________ is with support from the Boy Scouts of America. If your county has a non discrimination policy then why is it not broad enough to include "morally straight" boy scouts?

The reasons I see that you should not drop support for them are:

Any attempt to treat Boy Scouts on an inferior basis from other organizations which rely on use of school facilities could result in legal actions due to the equal access law.

They are not a hate group.

The mainstream of society is for the scout's policy, although the media would lead you to believe otherwise. Some 1,385 United Ways nationwide continues to fund the Boy Scouts as they have always done. About 15 (1 percent) have recently modified their funding of the Scouts, and of the 17,000 school districts in the U.S. only about 10 (.0005%) have punished the scouts in some way. Even less percentage of Corporate America has pulled support. Also, more parents then ever are currently enrolling their boys in the scouts realizing what a great influence they are. Enrollment is up over 7% to 6.2 million members, with over 47,000 Eagle Scout awards earned, both are record highs.

One of the conditions of the free society is that we tolerate groups with which we disagree. Not pull support and pressure them to conform.

The Boy Scouts are at work in communities all across America- distributing food to the poor, recycling, visiting nursing homes and hospitals, teaching kindness and helpfulness to others. They do not condemn those with views that differ from their own. Yet they face relentless attacks because others refuse to respect their views. (FRC)

The Supreme Court has already ruled that their not wanting to have gay leaders is a protected First Amendment right.

Sexual orientation, nondiscrimination laws and diversity policies have always been about raw power, in order to force acceptance of homosexuality, especially from religious based organizations.

Safety of the children in the scouts should be the main consideration, not the homosexual agenda.

Child sexual molestation is three times more common among homosexuals then among heterosexuals, according to the report, "The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children in "The Journal of Sex and Martial Therapy," number 1 for 1992 (Worldnetdaily).

The boy scouts are doing what they feel as in the best interest of our children.

The majority of our population agrees with the boy scouts. During the last 3 years they have grown by 7% to a total of 6.2 million members. The most rapid growth seen in years.

Homosexuality has nothing good to offer boy scouts.

"Withdrawing funds could be harmful to thousands of children." As Mr. Finn from Chase Manhattan Bank has stated.

Boy scouts do numerous community improvement projects that benefit our nation.

It is unfair and extreme to treat the Boy Scouts of America as if it were the Ku Klux Klan.

The homosexual lobby is overplaying its hand by showing such extreme intolerance while purporting to want tolerance. It has no right to try to force itself on the Scouts.

When you look at what the Boy Scouts have been doing for 90 years, you'll see there is a lot of good out there.

If the boy scouts espouse a system of values that will change at the least bit of pressure, then what good are those values?

Kids should not have to pay the price.

The scouts are in the business of serving children, think about who you are serving.

The belief that a homosexual is not a proper role model for our boys is far from being unreasonable.

We need to put a stop to this nonsense. If we make the protection of the rights of every possible minority opinion in America more important than good common sense, we will soon have no set of values or ethics to offer America's youth.

I would like to close by saying that as long as your county rejects the Boy Scouts I will never be touring there or coming to your state. I will ask my friends to do the same and tell them why. I feel very strongly about this issue and have many friends that feel the same as me. Our culture is destroying our children and I thought you could be counted on! I would like to urge you to reconsider as I would then reconsider not boycotting your county.

Thank You,