Madison, Wisconsin School District may penalize boy scouts (from
Delaware United Way may drop Boy Scouts
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BROWARD COUNTY UNITED WAY, FLORIDA to with hold $127,850 in funds (10/5/00)
NEWUnited Way of Palm Beach County; threatens Scouts with loss of $118,999 in 2002 - Chairwoman Gale Howden
Florida Boy Scouts Under Attack
NEWSchools may evict Scouts in Chicago
Scout council defies homosexual ban
Clinton administration was preparing a major attack on the Boy Scouts by doing an end-run around the Supreme Court
Reno: Boy Scouts Can Hold Jamborees on Federal Land


Mainstream society is for the scout's policy, although the media would lead you to believe otherwise. Some 1,385 United Ways nationwide continues to fund the Boy Scouts as they have always done. About 15 (1 percent) have recently modified their funding of the Scouts, and of the 17,000 school districts in the U.S. only about 10 (.0005%) have punished the scouts in some way. Even less percentage of Corporate America has pulled support. Also, more parents then ever are currently enrolling their boys in the scouts realizing what a great influence they are. Enrollment is up over 7% to 6.2 million members, with over 47,000 Eagle Scout awards earned, both are record highs.

South Florida's Boy Scouts say they will take the Broward County School District to court if officials evict the Scouts from the schools according to the Sun-Sentinel 9/27/00

"Any attempt to treat Boy Scouts on an inferior basis from other organizations which rely on use of school facilities would require us to seek legal redress," Jeffrie Herrmann, the top executive of the South Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America, wrote in a letter Wednesday to Superintendent Frank Till.

September 27, 2000

Congress Supports Scouts - Scouts Honor Act H.B. 5306

In response to the continuing attacks on the Boy Scouts by homosexual activists and sympathizers at every level of government, Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado has introduced counter-legislation, currently being referred to as the Scouts Honor Act (H.B. 5306). The bill was introduced along with twenty-three co-sponsors, on Tuesday, September 26, 2000.

According to a statement released by Congressman Tancredo, "The Scouts Honor Act prohibits the use of federal funds to discriminate against, investigate, or deny access to public property or facilities to the Boy Scouts of America. In addition, no entity that accepts federal funds can compel the Boy Scouts to accept members who do not share their beliefs."

If the Scouts Honor Act is passed into law, it could seriously impact the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which recently stripped Boy Scout funding solely on the basis of the Scout's policy on homosexuals. Fort Lauderdale currently is receiving approximately $10,800,000 in Federal funds, which could be subject to forfeiture under the provisions of the act. The same is true of Broward County (which includes Fort Lauderdale) for taking similar action in defunding the Scouts. The actions of the Fort Lauderdale Commissioners clearly demonstrate the urgent need for federal legislation that will protect the Boy Scouts from attacks by local communities for simply exercising their constitutional rights of Freedom of Association.

According to Congressman Tancredo, "The Boy Scouts are as much a part of America as apple pie, and I will not let a few groups ... trample their constitutional right of freedom of association, Scouts honor." The Boy Scouts have provided valuable services to our children for nearly 100 years and they have earned our respect and support. It is time for all decent Americans to take a stand on this very important issue ... and Save Our Scouts!

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, stated, "I think this (campaign against the Scouts) is just the beginning of what we're going to see." Sekulow added that future attacks will not be limited to the Boy Scouts of America, but could include church groups.

Call your congressman and senator and express your opinion on this important matter. (Scouts Honor Act, H.B. 5306).
E-mail your congressman now - Email Congress

Sign the Save Our Scouts Petition

Lawmakers Rise to Support Scouts
NEWAdvance America is helping the scouts ("Operation Be Prepared") by replacing funds lost to the United Way of Monroe County. Thank them here.
NEWTruly Nolen of America gives $10,000 to boy scouts to protest Broward County, Fla. - (Thank them here).
Most companies are supporting the Scouts


On Sept. 11, 2000 the Bethel School District of Eugene Oregon decided to ban Scout recruitment in their schools because the scouts policy of excluding gay leadership clashed with their nondiscrimination policy. (Even though the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Scouts' policy to exclude gays). According to "The Oregonian" newspaper dated 9/21/00, the Bethel School District may be reversing their ban on the Scouts.

However, the districts legal adviser, Joe Richards, on Sept 21, 2000 said"If challenged the prohibition probably would be found illegal." (Under the equal access law, because the district allows recruitment by the Girl Scouts and Kidsports, therefore they cannot exclude the Boy Scouts.) (source - AP 9/21/00)



Boy Scouts attacked in Congress - Supporters force vote on revoking youth group's charter .

Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Calif. along with Reps. Pete Stark, D-Calif., Sheila Lee, D-Texas; Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga.; Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.; Mrs. Nydia Velaazquez, D-N.Y.; and John Lewis, D-Ga. filed H.R. 4892 titled, "The Scouting for All Act: To repeal the Federal charter of the Boy Scouts of America. email Rep. Woolsey and then email your representatives.

"We're not saying the Boy Scouts are bad; we're saying that intolerance is bad"

Rep. Lynn Woolsey - Colorado Springs Gazette Sept. 13, 2000

The above sounds hypocritical considering the Boy Scouts have been saying "The homosexual is not bad, it's just that homosexuality is bad"

If the federal government believes that mindless non-discrimination trumps morality, then it's time for all other organizations with federal charters to disassociate from such bad company.

Charley Reese - The Orlando Sentinel Sept. 7, 2000

House Vote Keeps Boy Scouts' Charter

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House came down solidly behind the Boy Scouts today (Sept 13. 2000) with a 362-12 vote to reject a proposal to revoke their eight-decade-old federal charter because of the scouting organization's policy of excluding gays. Republicans, who brought the legislation to the House floor to show the lack for support for critics of the Scouts, labeled it an attack on American values. Rep. Cass Ballenger, R-N.C., said half the members of the House were former scouts and would defend an organization ``as American as apple pie and baseball.''

An aide to NY State Sen. Tom Duane, an openly Gay Manhattan Democrat, said Duane is drafting a bill that will seek to prohibit the state from in any way promoting the Boy Scouts. Andrew Berman, Duane's chief of staff, said the bill would, for example, prohibit state employees from making contributions to the Scouts via state payroll programs. The measure, he said, will be introduced during the legislative session that convenes in January 2001.

( sept. 8, 2000)

NEWIn a move that was largely symbolic, Manhattan's Community School District 2 (includes 42 schools) joined a handful of other groups across the nation last night in withdrawing support for the Boy Scouts of America, citing the organization's exclusion of gays. The board urged the city's other districts and the Board of Education to follow its lead.

(N.Y. Times 9/27/00 Shaila K. Dewan )

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