The United Way chapter of Providence RI (UNITED WAY OF SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND) is in the news for wanting to cut off funding to the Boy Scouts due to its position on homosexuality. They have given them 5 months to lift the ban on homosexuals or will pull more than $70,000 in finances.

Also, Bob McConnell, president of the Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) United Way, said "they are reviewing whether to continue funding of the Boy Scouts." They have a committee checking to see whether their anti-discrimination policy has been violated. The phone number for that United Way office is 954-462-4850 (press "zero" to speak to the receptionist).

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality said, "It looks like they (gay activists) are going to use the United Ways in various cities to try to go after the Scouts (from Citizen Issues Alert, July 26,2000).

Also, Congress Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-California, is attempting to revoke the federal charter that Congress gave the Scouts in 1916(WorldNetDaily report).
email Rep. Lynn Woolsey

Some outlets, like Conservative News Service, have treated this as a newer push. However, it isn't. U.W. of SF did this back in '92. Other United Way chapters followed suit in '93 and by early '96, six such chapters had initiated such policies (CA: Santa Clara, Santa Cruz; NM: Santa Fe; Maine: Portland; CT: New Haven). Since then, only Somerset Co., NJ had enacted such a policy.

Important Points to Keep in mind:

(Note this excerpt from a U.W. press release: "...many United Ways provide an information & referral (I&R) service for people to call when they need help and don't know where to turn. Many I&Rs will refer callers to any legal service available, such as abortion counseling, even if United Way provides no funding for that service."--Aug. '93, "United Way & Planned Parenthood" )

Please contact your representative and senators and urge them to oppose Woolsey's effort to revoke the Scouts' charter. Contact your local United Way, and the national United Way office, to tell them that the Scouts deserve support.
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