By Lara McGovern, Staff writer

From Diversity Days to Safe Schools weeks, many public schools are going out of their way to promote the gay agenda. Now a Massachusetts high school has gone even further.

The Springfield, Mass., school has distributed a list of suggestions for what teachers can do to make schools safe for gays and lesbians, according to one teacher at the school. But the teacher, who requested anonymity, said the suggestions are more like mandates.

"It's under the guise of promoting a safe school," the teacher said. "Well, a safe school really is supposed to be no violence, no weapons, no nothing; not saying, 'OK, regardless of what you think or feel, homosexuality is totally acceptable and must be allowed to be considered totally acceptable.'"

The teacher read one of the guidelines: "Do not assume that all students and their parents are heterosexual."

The teacher added: "We're to use inclusive language, so we can't even say 'mother', 'father', 'wife', or 'husband.' We're to use the generic term, 'parent' or 'partner.'

In addition, the teacher said that other teachers at the school display the gay logo on their doors, inviting students who may think they are homosexual to talk to them about it.

This is just one example of how the gay agenda is being forced into schools. American Family Association's Ed Vitagliano is calling on state governors to do something about it.

"American Family Association is asking the governors of all fifty states, as well as the heads of their respective state education departments, to investigate whether their schools are being used by homosexual activists to indoctrinate children about homosexuality without parental knowledge and without parental consent," said Vitagliano, who added that the group has sent the governors a packet of information highlighting specific concerns.

The principal and superintendent of the Springfield school did not return calls. However, the secretary at the school did verify that there is a Gay/Straight Alliance to which several teachers belong.

Source: Family News in Focus July 19, 2000