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The current homosexual activists/agenda has no compassion or mercy for any one or any group of people that share a different viewpoint or opinion, below is a growing list of examples ;

Currently GLADD has convinced some corporations (see list) to drop advertisments on the show. Even with this, the show is retaining more than 90% of its 148 national sponsors and the demand for advertising on the show continues to exceed expectations. (Please Email the above companies that have pulled thier support for Dr. Laura and let them know your opinion on this.)

GLADD has also started a stopdrlaura.com (click below) along with an all-out campaign of intimidation. Dr. Laura was quoted by the NY Times as comparing her views to those of Pope John Paul II, saying, "I don't see stopthepope.com, do you?"

Dr. Laura's radio show has nearly 23 million listeners and she has helped an untold number of people with moral issues. Yet, because of her viewpoints on homosexuality, GLADD (who represents maybe 2%-5% of the population) would like to keep her help off the air all together. She is not simply against the spread of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. She is also against adultery, child beating, Internet pornography, wife abuse, abortion, premarital sex and a myriad of other sinful and self-destructive acts that harm individuals and our culture.

The people of this agenda show no tolerance and yet scream for the very thing. They will go at any length to silence all that do not agree with them. There is no viewpoint on the homosexual lifestyle except their own. It is the gospel according to GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

The only compassion found in this agenda is for people with heir views and lifestyle. Rev. Jesse Peterson said - 'The more we give in to theses people and people like them, the more we're going to lose our right to express what we believe. The whole aim of the radical homosexual groups is to stop people from expressing their beliefs, and for the primary reason that they do not want to be reminded of their own internal guilt. That's why this issue with Dr. Laura is so important to this country. If we let them take away her right to speak and believe, it's over for the rest of us'.

"Militant gay-rights activists and their liberal allies have grossly distorted and taken out of context what Mrs. Schlessinger has said about homosexuality on her nationally syndicated radio program. For the record, all she has said is that homosexuality is "deviant" behavior and "a biological error" in the sense that it deviates from the norm of heterosexuality. Far from being out of the mainstream, that view has been the prevailing opinion for most of recorded human history, and remains so, in spite of a 25-plus-year effort by no more than 2 percent of the population - amplified by a largely pro-homosexual media - to convince us otherwise."
Peter Parisi - Washington Times 9/25/00

PROCTER AND GAMBLE GIVES TO "GAY PRIDE PARADE"! Its ironic that P&G pulls off the Dr. Luara show and makes the statement that they prefer not to advertise on Controversial shows, but turns around and gives $1,000 to the Cincinnati Gay Pride Parade held June 11, 2000!

See below helps for taking action.

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This page is to be used as talking points for countering the aggressive homosexual activists and politicians that clearly want to over ride our religious convictions and belief that homosexuality is immoral and in no way should be condoned or accepted by society as normal. PWTL calls for tolerance of all peoples view points and beliefs about homosexuality, but not necessarily having to agree or change ours. In no way does PWTL condone violence or ridicule towards homosexuals. As people of faith we must put on our armor and take a stand against the schemes of this movement. We must understand it, and be prepared so that as the day comes we are able to give an answer each and every time.